iZotope Launches the Neutron 3 Mixing Plugin Suite

By June 7, 2019Mixing, News, Software
izotope neutron 3 mixing plugins

iZotope has just launched Neutron 3. It’s a set of plugins that aims to bring your mixing workflow into the 21st century, with six modules and a host of new features.izotope neutron 3 mixing plugins

Neutron 3 is the latest suite of mixing tools from plugin specialists, iZotope. It features a host of features to bring your mixing workflow into the 21st century.

The mixing environment is made up of six modules – Sculptor is a real time EQ that intuitively shapes individual tracks or entire mixes, Transient Shaper gives you maximum control over audio envelopes, while Exciter can add warmth or grit to any sound.

Dynamics is kept under control with Compressor and Gate, while Equalizer auto detects problem frequencies to remove masking.

Of course, these kind of tools are not new to mixing, yet the way they’re utilised, with Mix Assistant for example, helps you to significantly speed up your process in order to focus on creativity.

Find out all the details at the iZotope website.

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