iZotope Drops RX6, Packed With a Slew of New Features

By May 17, 2017News, Production, Software
isotope rx6

Izotope’s lauded audio repair suite RX series has reached version 6. With a slew of new features designed to expertly solve problems in recorded audio, RX6 is the biggest update yet.

isotope rx6

iZotope have dropped RX6, packed with new audio restoration features and workflow improvements and it’s avaliable for cheap until the end of May.

Unless sound is recorded with the greatest of care in a carefully controlled environment, undesirable background elements are bound to be captured. RX6 aims to provide an appropriate safeguard against the effects of bottom end rumble of traffic and wind, or the rustling of clothes from a speaker for example.

Workflow improvements have been achieved through the addition of features like Composite View, which allows the user to edit up to 16 audio tracks as one, a massive shortcut in mitigating the same problem on multiple sound sources.

RX6 comes in four flavours and price points: Elements is equipped with the basics like De-noise, De-click and De-hum, all of which will go a long way to creating a clean and professional vocal sound. Standard includes Spectral repair, De-bleed and Composite view, which you can imagine would be ideal for more musically based studios. Advanced contains De-rustle, De-wind and Dialogue Isolate and is aimed at film audio professionals. Lastly, Post Production Suite includes all of the above with additional metering options and even video tutorials.

If you wanna jump on a bargain, Izotope is offering introductory discounts until the end of May.

Find out more on the Izotope website.

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