It’s Here at Last – Meet the VCV 1.0 Virtual Modular Synth

By June 20, 2019News, Software, Synths
vcv 1.0 virtual modular synth

Even if you’re not familiar with modular synthesis, just the look of it can be quite overwhelming. Patch cables and an endless array knobs spread out before you, all of which contributes to the unique identity of a sound.

VCV 1.0 seems to have pulled off the impossible. Creating a living breathing synth engine, with all the sonic possibilities of a hardware rig, all in an open source platform.vcv 1.0 virtual modular synth

It’s been in the works for a while, but the VCV 1.0 virtual modular synth has arrived. Endless customisation and MIDI control are just a couple of the features.

What’s more, the creation of this virtual rig is a shining example of open source development, with volunteers contributing their time and incredible developing skills to the project.

The system is capable of 16 voice polyphony and has a MIDI output. This means you can also control MIDI enabled drum machines, desktop synths and Eurorack modules for example.

Like most virtual synths, there is also support for MIDI mapping, allowing you to control the synths parameters from the comfort of your favourite controller.

Cleverly, the multi-core engine means that you can make the most of your computer’s processing power – the more CPU threads, the more modules you can have! And about those modules, the software features module browser, so you can search, filter and view your collection.

Visit the VCV website for all the details.

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