Isotonik Creates A Suite Of Arcade-Inspired Ableton Live Plugins Including Pac-Man And Asteroids

By June 16, 2017Happy, News
isotonik arcade enmore

Some naysayers out there would argue that Ableton Live plugins are getting out of hand. I’m not one of those naysayers. Of course I want arcade games on my launchpad, why the hell wouldn’t I?

isotonik arcade enmore

Want to play Tetris while you’re setting the roof on fire as part of your next set? The Isotonik Arcade toolbox may be for you.

As part of their ongoing Arcade series, Isotonik have teased a Pac-Man based tool. The other plugins in the series are all generative sequences based on classic arcade games, so far including Asteroids, Tetris and Pong.

It looks like the main feature you will be controlling is the game’s ghosts, given that there’s a couple of variables for each scattered across the bottom. Sign us up.

Get your paws on the current Arcade Pack right here.

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