Ishkur’s Much-Loved Map of Electronic Music Finally Returns

By August 27, 2019History, News

Ishkur’s Map of Electronic Music has finally resurfaced on the internet in its greatest iteration yet, version 3.0. The map is perhaps the most comprehensive and definitely the most sassy guide to electronic music ever created.

Set out like a family tree, the map begins with the “pioneers” of electronic music, before the branches gradually diverge into 166 genres, subgenres and sub-subgenres.Ishkur's Map of Electronic Music

Ishkur’s Map of Electronic Music, perhaps the most comprehensive guide to electronic music, finally reappears on the internet, bigger and better than ever.

The map allows users to zoom in on individual years in each genre, and clicking on them will bring up a playlist and information written by Ishkur. The site contains 11,321 tracks in total across all electronic genres.

Ishkur’s Map was originally created in the year 2000 and went through a series of changes in versions 2.0 and 2.5 in 2003. Plans for 3.0 were drafted in 2006 but seemingly abandoned until 2018, when Ishkur revealed a prototype for his latest map.

The site has a small but loyal cult following who chased Ishkur up on twitter when he didn’t deliver the map by his initially promised deadline of 2018. This following is in part perhaps due to Ishkur’s ironic yet loveable writing style. A sample of his entry of Acid Jazz below:

“To understand the history of Acid Jazz, you have to understand the history of Rare Groove. And to do that we have to explore the cultural phenomenon of vinyl collection, specifically as it pertains to the Northern Soul scene that sprung up in the northlands of 60s Britain… you know what, fucket. Just go read Last Night A DJ Save My Life if you want to learn about this bundle of history. Go read it right now.”Ishkur's Map of Electronic Mus

If you want to learn more about electronic music or simply go for a wander, go and explore Ishkur’s Map.

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