Is ToneTuga FX’s Clockwork MultiDriver the Only Dirt Pedal You’ll Ever Need?

By May 8, 2019News, Pedals
ToneTuga FX Clockwork MultiDriver

What if one dirt pedal was all you needed? This question was the driving force behind Michael Verala’s design for the new ToneTuga FX Clockwork MultiDriver. He claims the company’s latest overdrive has the flexibility to cover everything from a treble boost at low settings to screaming fuzz tones with the dials cranked.

ToneTuga FX Clockwork MultiDriver

“Can you only have one dirt pedal?” Michael Verala from ToneTuga FX believes his new Clockwork MultiDriver has cracked the timeless problem.

A user of smaller pedal boards, Verala says that limited space keeps him “creative and fresh”. The idea of the Clockwork MultiDriver was that the three knobs, Volume, Tone and Gain, don’t act independently, rather they work in harmony “Like the inside of a grandfather clock”.

Verala claims his new overdrive was designed to sound great with the dials in any position, and that there really isn’t one ‘sweet spot’.

“I called this a “Multi Driver” because at low gain settings it acts like a treble booster. At mid gain/high volume, you get a sweet crunchy distortion. At High gain/High volume settings, you lower gain fuzz face lead tone.”

Head over to TonTuga FX’s website for more information.

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