Is Behringer About to Release the MS-101 in Homage to Roland?

By August 9, 2017Happy, News, Synths

In a stunt that is true to form of late for Behringer, they’ve mysteriously left a photo on their facebook page of someone toting what looks to be a Roland SH-101 clone, labelled MS-101.

A new release, or simply a stunt? Behringer leave a provocative photo of their facebook page of the MS-101.

The news has been all Roland in the last few days – 808 day, then the announcement of the release of the TR-08 and SH-01A boutique models. Behringer seems to have joined in the fun (or attempted to steal Roland’s thunder) by dropping the photo with a tease of the synth, labelled “MS-101.”

Well, if this was one of Behringer’s latest creations, it would be hard to be surprised. They launched into the polysynth world with the Deepmind, then made a Minimoog clone with their Model D. It would certainly be a natural progression to offer up their take on the SH-101.

Or, they could simply be taking the piss. In any case, Behringer are moving aggressively into the synth space, so stay tuned.


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