In The Studio With Pretty City Tearing Through a Ballsy Cover of T. Rex’s 20th Century Boy

By October 14, 2016Features, Sessions
pretty city

A few weeks back we had the legends from DARTS in the studio doing a rendition of The Stone Roses’ I Wanna Be Adored – which we caught on camera for your enjoyment – in an ongoing collab with our mates over at Happy Mag. Everyone had a blast in the studio and the vibes were great so we wasted no time in getting another bunch of smelly rockers into the space to record another cover.

This time it was Melbourne fuzz lords Pretty City who were getting in front of the mics and cameras, tearing through a ballsy version of T. Rex’s 20th Century Boy. 

pretty city

We recently had Melbourne fuzz lords Pretty City in the studio to tear into a cover of T. Rex’s 20th Century Boy – we caught the whole thing on camera too.

We’ve known the Pretty City boys for a while now and man do you they know how to create a fat wall of sound. With no bass in sight, the guitars were cranked to breaking point for their interpretation of the T. Rex classic from 1973.

With plenty of balls and swagger their sleeves, the band had no trouble keeping up with the riotous nature of the original. Actually they probably even took it up a notch. Bolan would be proud. Check it out below.

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