IK Multimedia’s All-In-One Production Solution: iRig Keys I/O

By August 30, 2017News, Production, Synths

IK Multimedia has added the iRig Keys I/O to its impressive roster of production tools.

The iRig Keys I/O from IK Multimedia promises a complete music making experience, offering MIDI control and audio I/O in one package.

The iRig Keys is ostensibly a traditional MIDI controller keyboard interface that comes in a 25 or 49 key configuration. And like many of its other products, it works with iOS devices, Mac and PC.

Dig a little deeper into the specs however, and you’ll discover that is possesses a 24bit/96k audio interface with “combi” connection – meaning that a standard XLR cable or a guitar cable can be connected – that also puts out phantom power for condenser mics.

For monitoring while recording there’s a headphone output and a balanced stereo output for connection to monitors or a P.A system for live performance.

Included are a suite of IK apps to complete your production, like Sample Tank 3 and Syntronik Pro V vintage synth making it a user friendly and highly portable DAW.

For more info, visit the IK Multimedia website.

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