IK Multimedia’s Bully Bass Synth Free for a Limited Time

The Moog Taurus is one of the most coveted of all bass synth sounds. Now, Bully, IK Multimedia’s recreation of that classic, is free for a limited time.

The unmistakeable growl of the Moog Taurus, emulated with precision. IK Multimedia is offering up this classic tone free for a limited time.

Here’s what the creators of Bully have to say about their instrument:

Syntronik’s Bully recreates the thunderous bass sounds of the Moog Taurus series. This organ pedal-style synthesizer is a much-treasured chapter in synthesizer history. The first version of the Taurus became an instant classic in the mid-70s with its distinctive oscillator detuning and unique-sounding sawtooth waveforms.”

Since the original Taurus, a second version appeared, which added more functionality, but never approached the cult status of its forebear.

Decades later, version number three was released. All versions are represented in the software.

For more info on the offer, visit IK Multimedia.

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