IK Multimedia Unveils Syntronik Deluxe Featuring Five New Instruments

IK Multimedia’s hot streak of software releases continues with the introduction of Syntronik Deluxe, a new expansion on their suite of virtual synths.

Five of the best: Syntronik Deluxe expands on IK Multimedia’s soft-synth collection by adding a massive range of iconic synth sounds.

The five new virtual instruments combine the best of polysynth, monosynth, modular and percussion styles.

The Memory-V is IK’s take on the Memorymoog analog polysynth, while the SH-V is a combination of Roland’s SH-5 and SH-2 monosynths.

The M-Poly is based on Korg Mono/Poly and Polysix, and the VCF3 is the tribute to the British EMS VCS3, a rare tabletop modular.

Percussion-wise, the Modulum virtual instrument is a mix of Modular Moog, EMS VCS3 and Alesis Andromeda synths.

The whole Syntronik Deluxe package adds up to 22 synths, 2,600 tastefully curated presets and a whopping 80GB of sound content.

For more info, visit IK Multimedia.


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