IK Multimedia Launches the UNO Drum Analog/PCM Beatmaker

IK Multimedia have long since enjoyed a massive presence in the software world. Yet recently, they’ve made a splash in the realm analog synthesis. Continuing down that path, the Italian giants have released the UNO Drum analog/PCM drum machine.

The UNO Drum is IK Multimedia’s ultra portable and programmable debut drum machine. The analog/PCM hybrid has a wide sonic palette and can integrate into any setup.

Of the 12 drum elements available, 6 are comprised of analog kicks, snares, claps and hi hats. The PCM field includes 54 samples, with a variety of sonic flavours including toms, rims, cowbells, crashes and rides. There’s 100 kit presets, that are ripe for customising. You can also create kits from scratch.

There are 3 master effects to choose from – analog drive, compression and a stutter – which offers up subtle tremolos, all the way to deep slices.

Like the UNO monosynth, the front panel is flat and has 12 touch sensitive pads with two velocity zones. Programming is available through the classic 16 step sequencer, which can be chained extensively to create extended grooves.

Visit IK Multimedia for more information.

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