IK Multimedia Announces Syntronik, Featuring The Sounds Of 38 Vintage Synthesisers

By May 26, 2017News, Software

IK Multimedia have just announced a new software synthesiser that features classic 17 instruments with over 2,000 preset sounds. Syntronik combines samples from 38 vintage synths with a circuit-modeled filter section, emulating some of the most renowned synth sounds ever created.

Syntronik is based on samples from 38 synths and string machines, including classics like the Minimoog Model D, Roland Jupiter-8 and Roland Juno-60.


IK Multimedia announces Syntronik, a new soft synth collection featuring the sounds of 38 vintage synthesisers plus 4 classic oscillators.

The synth engine features circuit-level models of four classic filters, including the Moog transistor ladder (found in the Minimoog and Modular Moog); Roland’s IR3109 chip (found in the Jupiter-8 and Juno-60); the Curtis CEM3320 chip (found in the Prophet-5, Oberheim OB-Xa and Memorymoog); and the Oberheim SEM state variable filter.

With the Syntronik you can mix and match filters within the 17 instruments.

The 38 synths that have been sampled for the Syntronik software include:

Alesis Andromeda
ARP 2600
ARP String Ensemble (Solina)
Elka Rhapsody 490
Hohner String Performer
Minimoog Model D
Modular Moog
Moog Opus 3
Moog Prodigy
Moog Rogue
Moog Taurus I
Moog Taurus II
Moog Taurus 3
Moog Voyager
Oberheim OB-X
Oberheim OB-Xa
Oberheim SEM (Synthesizer Expander Module)
PPG Wave 2.3
Realistic Concertmate MG-1
Roland Juno-60
Roland Jupiter-4
Roland Jupiter-6
Roland Jupiter-8
Roland JX-10
Roland JX-3P
Roland JX-8P
Roland RS-09 Organ/Strings
Roland RS-505 Paraphonic
Roland TB-303 Bassline
Sequential Circuits Prophet-10
Sequential Circuits Prophet-5
Yamaha CS-01II
Yamaha CS-80
Yamaha GX-1
Yamaha SY99

Syntronik is available to pre-order for a special intro price of US $149.99. It will be avaliable in July.

The 17 instruments comprising Syntronik will also be available separately for $49.99 each upon release.

[via Synthtopia]

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