Hydrasynth is the Wave Morphing Marvel From Ashun Sound Machines

By September 4, 2019News, Outboard, Studio, Synths
hydrasynth topview

Hydrasynth is the first product from brand new synth company Ashun Sound Machines (ASM). The keyboard is designed for maximum flexibility – with wave morphing synthesizer and polyphonic aftertouch, it aims to show digital is the new analog. Hydrasynth comes in both a 49 key keyboard and 24 pad desktop version.

Hydrasynth is an eight-voice, three-oscillator synthesizer anchored around a unique wave morphing synthesis engine. Packed with everything you can imagine from a synth the unit still manages to maintain a nostalgic aesthetic. Filters, mutators, modulators, oscillators, LFOs, arpeggiators and CV/gate connectivity are some of the many specs this beast carries with it.hydrasynth topview

Ashun Sound Machines release their first product the Hydrasynth. This one-stop synth shop makes a daring debut for ASM in both keyboard and desktop formats.

Features include an advanced wavetable synthesis engine, 3 oscillators and dual Wave Mutators. The Hydrasynth has a total of 5 sound banks with 128 patches in each for you to play and tweak. 8 macros can be assigned to up to 8 destinations individually with over 200 single-cycle waveforms to map and adjust.

As far as effects go Hydrasynth is loaded with plenty, from chorus to cloud reverb and everything in-between. Inside the mixer section, each can be used in post-effect (reverb and delay) or pre-effect mode alongside 2 filters.

This amount of extensive synthesis and integrated playability sets the Hydrasynth apart from its market competitors. Many synth companies have tried to give players more ways to better express themselves. The Hydrasynth keyboard comes with ASM’s Polytouch™ keybed, offering polyphonic aftertouch over each note.

This combined with the 4-octave ribbon controller and ergonomically designed pitch and mod wheels make for a superbly expressive hardware synthesizer.

To see more information and pricing visit the ASM website here.

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