How to Build Your Own ‘Hacked’ DIY IKEA Plate Reverb

By November 21, 2018News, Studio
IKEA Hack Plate Reverb

Here’s a reason to go to IKEA that isn’t the cheap meatballs. YouTuber Leomakes, has found a devious hack in IKEA’s Bror range. The shelving unit can be converted into a plate reverb with some basic electronics and a bit of DIY spirit.

IKEA Hack Plate Reverb

Always dreamed of owning a plate reverb but can’t cover the cost? Don’t fear, the answer is an IKEA trip away. Grab me some meatballs while you’re there…

In Leomakes YouTube video he runs through the process, the parts needed and even a bit of a demo on how to adjust the reverb sound – dampening it with a cloth!

The build is quick and inexpensive, with Leomakes quoting $100 US, which converts to roughly $140 AUD. That’s pretty good, considering a prebuilt unit can cost many thousands.

He even kindly outlines a parts list, but makes it clear that “In case anyone is wondering, I am not endorsed or compensated by IKEA (or anyone else).”

Here’s what you’ll need:

IKEA Bror Shelf Black x 2

IKEA Bror Legs

A transducer, you can use any but this is the one featured in the vid.

Pickups, again you could take your pick, but these are featured.

Leomakes also assures viewers that the project is a work in progress, with updates and refinements on the way, so stay tuned.

“NOTE: This is a super-hacky prototype I made quickly as a proof-of-concept. It sounds nice, but there are several things that I will improve as time goes on, so keep an eye out for that (I’ll post updates here).”

Need a summer project? Check out the video below.

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