Heritage Audio Announces the HA-73 EQX2 Elite Preamp and EQ

By October 4, 2018Mixing, News, Outboard, Recording

Heritage Audio has just released the HA-73 EQX2 dual channel preamp and EQ. Their mission is to revitalise the “Golden Age” of recording, therefore, they’re paying tribute to the immortal Neve 1073.

Heritage Audio has just launched their take on a classic. The HA-73 EQX2 is part of their elite series of preamps and a dual-channel take on the legendary Neve 1073.

The features you would expect of a premium channel strip are present in the new unit. It includes a DI input, fitted with a JFET transistor, with high and low impedance settings on the mic preamp, suitable for sensitive condensers, as well as low gain ribbons.

Simple yet sophisticated EQ options are on hand – a 12kHz shelf for dialling in some “air”, a mid-range EQ, spanning from 360 hZ to 7.2 kHz, a bass shelf and a high pass filter. Conveniently, there is a switch for bypassing the EQ as well.

Multiply all those features by two and you have the HA-73 EQX2.

Visit Heritage Audio for more details.

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