Here Are All The Classic Synth and Drum Machine Clones Behringer Revealed at Superbooth 2018

Berlin’s Superbooth trade show has played host to a swag of new product announcements. Not to be outdone, Behringer have shown off an array of prototypes for classic synth and drum machine clones, including models based on the Roland SH-101, VC330, TR-808, the Sequential Circuits Pro-One and the ARP Odyssey.


Superbooth 2018: Behringer are continuing to reshape the synth market with clones of five archetypal analog models from Roland, ARP and Sequential Circuits.

These models are still in the prototype stage, so information on when they’ll hit the market is not yet available. Yet Rob Belcham – the engineer supervising the development of the TR-808 clone – did speak about the new models and some of their features with Synthtopia. Check it out below.

The Behringer models are titled as follows: MS-101 (Roland SH-101 clone), the VC-340 (Roland Vp-330 clone), RD-808 (Roland TR-808 clone), the Pro-One (Sequential Circuits Pro-One clone) and an ARP Odyssey clone.

As always, stayed tuned via Behringer for more details.

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