Haunt Your Dreams With Mr Typo, the Wall Mounted Speech Synthesiser

By December 5, 2018News, Synths
Mr Typo

Are you a sadist? Do you need a little more darkness in your life? Have you been looking for a synth where instead of using keys, you torture a baby? If you answered yes to any of the above, Mr Typo could answer your dreams (or nightmares).

Mr Typo is the latest design by Love Hultén, an expert craftsman who usually makes beautiful handmade devices. This one, however, is not so beautiful. It’s a wall mounted speech synthesiser that regurgitates text-files in irregular sentence structures, using Markov chains on a Rasberry Pi computer. Oh yeah, and ‘it’ doesn’t have a keyboard.

Mr Typo

Unleash your inner sadist with Mr Typo by Love Hultén, a wall mounted synthesiser that encourages you to torture it to control its various parameters.

This poor little devil is actually controlled via torture. So punching its teeth, twisting its eyes and poking at the little chunk of exposed brain controls parameters like pitch shift, reverb and chorus, all via a separate Axoloti Core computer. It’s a clever device when you get down to the guts of it…

Hultén states that “Mr Typo is battery powered and comes in two editions, with or without meat.”  Nice to know there’s a vegan-friendly option.

In the demo below, Mr Typo reads out a cooking recipe and some surgery notes while the operator manipulates its face. Check out the clip if you feel like you could get less sleep.

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