Grimes Put Together an Exclusive Soundpack for ROLI Synths Inspired By Her Dog and The Legend of Zelda

By July 3, 2017News, Synths

Grimes has teamed up with pioneering London-based gear company ROLI to create a unique soundpack for their signature Seaboard synth, which she says was inspired by her dog and The Battle of Stalingrad and Zelda.


Grimes created an exclusive soundpack for ROLI synth inspired by her dog, The Battle of Stalingrad and The Legend of Zelda.

The soundpack – named Electromagnetic Pulse – was created specifically for ROLI’s signature Seaboard synth.

After launching Seaboard – which is an insanely expressive new synth that features a 5D touch interface – ROLI added BLOCKS, a touch screen modular system, and NOISE, a music making app for iOS devices. Grimes designed the soundpack to be used with both BLOCKS and NOISE.

Talking to ROLI about different idea for the packs, Grime mentioned her dog, The Battle of Stalingrad and The Legend of Zelda being sources of inspiration:

“There is Stalingrad, an ominous bass that evokes an orchestra playing on the sidelines of the horrific battle. There’s Ocarina of Thyme, a delicate synth inspired by the Legend of Zelda. Talking Dog Bass reminds Grimes of Q, her dog.”

Read the interview here. And check out Grimes talking about Electromagnetic Pulse below.

[This article originally appeared on Happy Mag]

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