Got a Korg Volca Beats Lying Around? Try This Simple Hack…

By December 19, 2018Drum Machines, News
korg volca beats mod

The Korg Volca Beats was released about 5 years ago, and ever since it has been well loved all around for its analogue beat making abilities. But there’s just one thing about it, a lot of users reported that the snare on their unit was underwhelming, it sounded flat and splattery, rather than the punchy snap they wanted.

Luckily, the power of hundreds of tinkering synth nerds led to a discovery known as the ‘volca C78 mod’.

If you’ve been wanting to dabble in a bit of DIY modification, a great way to start is the Korg Volca Beats C78 mod.

Now, a lot of synth people might already be across this, however, if you’re not and you’ve been wanting to dabble in a bit of soldering and modding, this is a great first step.

The problem was, that the people over at Korg left out a crucial part of the circuit, a capacitor with a rating of 100nF, marked C78 on the Volca’s snare board. The capacitor needs to be soldered from the either D13 or D14 to the ground point between the two. It’s a very simple mod, but the results can be heard instantly.

All you’ll need is a C78 capacitor, soldering iron and of course a Korg Volca Beats. For some resources take a look at Synthtopia, Gearslutz  and Animal Factory Amps.

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