Gibson Reveals New Back-to-Basics Lineup For 2019

By April 30, 2019Guitars, News
gibson 2019

After teasing fans online for some time, Gibson has finally revealed their new lineup for 2019. The new stable features 25 guitars, which overall focus on the companies rich history with a back-to-basics approach. It’s a bold but steady foot forward for the guitar giant that faced bankruptcy last year.

After teasing fans for some time, Gibson has finally released their new lineup for 2019, which features 25 models with a back-to-basics focus.

Gibson’s new 2019 lineup features 25 no-fuss classic models, including new double-cut Les Paul Juniors and 60s spec SGs with P-90s and Vibrolas. It seems that the new Gibson CEO James Curleigh has directed the company towards Gibson’s legacy, rather than the robotic tuners and holographic headstocks seen in previous years.

For those who want the option of a more contemporary model, Gibson has also created the Modern Les Paul and SG, which include Grove locking tuners, weight-reduction and phase-shiftable BurstBucker Pro pickups.

Some other interesting additions include new Flying-V, Explorer and Firebird models, both in their own original and modern specifications.

For the full lineup head over to Gibson’s website.

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