Gibson Pulls Video Threatening Rival Brands After Uproar

By June 18, 2019Guitars, News

To call the last couple of years for Gibson a rollercoaster is an understatement. Last year, they stared down the threat of bankruptcy, then kicked off 2019 with a host of new releases, getting back to basics and sparking a renaissance in this most classic of guitar brands.

With the latest episode though, it all got a little weird. Director of Brand Experience, Mark Agnesi starred in a video in which he literally warns rival brands that Gibson will protect its legacy.

Yeah, it didn’t go down well. Gibson has pulled a controversial video in which they appear to threaten rival guitar brands over potential copyright infringements.

In the video, titled Play Authentic, Agnesi pointedly addresses other guitar builders by saying, “You have been warned, we’re looking out and we’re here to protect our iconic legacy.” Guess it’s pretty hard for a rival brand to take it any other way.

After the ambivalent reaction that the video received, it seems like common sense has won out in the end, with the video ending up in the bin. They’ll be hoping that they haven’t undone all the progress they’ve made since coming back from the brink last year.

Stay tuned for the next move.

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