Gibson Encourages Players to Report Fake Guitars

By June 26, 2019Guitars, News
gibson lawsuit copyright infringement

Gibson is hot on copyright infringement at the moment, threatening to sue guitar builders making counterfeit versions of their products.

In the latest development, there is now a form on their website where you can upload the URL of a fake Gibson dispensary with a message above that reads, “This submission form is intended only for the reporting of suspected counterfeit items that may possibly infringe on Gibson’s registered trademarks.” gibson lawsuit copyright infringement

Gibson creates a website encouraging consumers to report rip-off Gibson guitars following copyright infringement lawsuit against Deans Guitars.

The website is titled Counterfeit URL Submission Form, with additional space for comments and pleads to the customer, “Protect yourself, there is no reason to buy a new Gibson instrument from any source other than an authorised dealer.” 

The page was created after they announced their copyright infringement lawsuit against Dean Guitars for copying trademarked shapes like the Explorer and Flying V. Another hint at this radical move was the now taken down video of the Director of Brand Experience, Mark Agnesi, stating, “You have been warned, we’re looking out and we’re here to protect our iconic legacy.” They mean business.

If you are unsure as to what resembles one of their guitars they have conveniently, on another page, provided a comprehensive list of the brands trademarks including product names, designs and other signifiers.

This leaves the question: are consumers supposed to be reporting guitars using the Gibson name without permission or well established guitar companies with slightly similar designs? After the Dean case, it seems all similarities seem plausible.

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