Get the Most From Your Guitar Amps with the IsoAcoustics Stage 1 Board

Stage 1 Board

Known for their expertise in audio isolation products, IsoAcoustics have added to that family with the new Stage 1 isolation board. Launched at NAMM 2019, this board ensures frequencies aren’t lost through the ground, resulting in improved clarity and bass response. No matter what type of amplifier, this board creates consistent contact between your speakers and the floor.

The board springs from the idea of IsoAcoustics original Stage 1 mountable amp isolators. The idea is simple but effective, with the likes of Steve Vai known to already be using the technology – his are screwed directly into the bottom of his amp in order to remove any unwanted vibrations. In looking for a more flexible and portable option, IsoAcoustics have launched an accompanying board.Stage 1 Board

IsoAcoustics new Stage 1 Isolation Board helps you get the most out of your amp or speaker. Award-winning patented isolation technology has become mobile.

The board is made from sturdy thermoplastic and designed for use with the Stage 1 Isolators. Simply attach four of them to the board and position it under your guitar amp or speaker. Boasting 635mm by 254mm dimensions, as well as a load limit of 90kg, the board should be more than able to hold the majority of amps in your collection.

The product offers recording cheap easy amp isolation, selling for around $40 apiece. The only catch would be the need for the Stage 1 Isolators, sold separately at $130 for a pack of 4.

To get a closer look at the science behind this innovation, visit IsoAcoustics.

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