Get Modular with Contour and Dynamix from Make Noise

Boutique synth makers Make Noise have just released two new Eurorack modules, Dynamix and Contour.

Synth experts Make Noise have launched Contour and Dynamix, perfect companions for your modular system.

Contour is an ADSR envelope generator, containing circuits derived from the previously released 0-Coast monosynth (being a combination of “east coast” and “west coast” synthesis) and takes inspiration from the original Loudness Contour circuit of the MiniMoog. It’s designed to create control voltages to drive the Dynamix.

Dynamix is a mixer, two-channel low pass gate, and dynamics manager. This unit allows for AM synthesis, has a side chain input and auxiliary input, which allows for the chaining of multiple units.

Modular synthesis is a tricky pursuit indeed, so the makers have helpfully provided a video, that demonstrates the Dynamix and Contour in action.

Visit the Make Noise website for more info.

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