Get Lost in the Ether with the Phonec Soft Synth from Psychic Modulation

By January 3, 2018News, Recording, Software, Synths
Phonec Soft Synth

Psychic Modulation has just released the updated version of Phonec – the 80s inspired synth plugin for VST and AU.
Phonec Soft Synth

The Phonec soft-synth from Psychic Modulation yields a range of ghostly tones from the 80s in a deeply functional but easy to use plugin.

Psychic Modulation tell us that the Phonec was “inspired by the mystique of those video logos heard at the beginning of 80s films on VHS.” From such niche origins however, the synth has spread out to cover a wide range of functions and styles.

Such features include: advanced oscillator combinations, meaning that you can craft deeper and more complex sounds; an acid filter function that gives up an extra smooth resonance; “Melt” – the system which provides the hallmark spookyness of tone; and the high frequency oscillator which provides FM, AM and PM synthesis.

Performance-wise, the Phonec is equipped with advanced sequencing and arpeggiating functionality, aftertouch and modwheel parameter control and MIDI learn capability for almost every control.

Find out more at the Psychic Modulation website.

Via Synthopia.

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