Get Authentic Preamp Drive with the Fredric Effects Regent 150

By July 29, 2019Guitar, News, Pedals
fredric effects regent 150 preamp

Not too long ago, guitar effects were confined the well known realms of distortion, ambient effects like delay and modulators, like chorus, phase, flange and more. There are now a host of new choices for the very front end of a guitar signal – like the Regent 150 preamp – that give guitarists the option to significantly shape their own sound, before it hits the amp, effects chain, or whatever you happen to be recording with.

What lends the Regent 150 more significance is the fact that its based on an obscure East German amp of the 1970s. It utilises a charge pump to match the voltage of its inspiration – the Vermona Regent 150K – and is fitted with real new old stock East German transistors.fredric effects regent 150 preamp

Take a peek behind the iron curtain and meet the Regent 150 Preamp pedal. Inspired by a rare East German amp, it’s the perfect front end of your effects chain.

The pedal itself is a study in simplicity. There are three knobs – a bass and treble knob each for simple EQ and a volume knob. This configuration belies the versatility of Regent 150 though. Glassy tops are easy to dial in, the low band adds warmth and fullness while maintaining solidity.

As is evidenced in the demo below, careful adjustment of the volume control can provide a gentle clean boost, a more than capable drive, and when placed in front of a fuzz, it can really push the signal into breakup territory.

For more info, visit the Fredric Effects website.

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