Gestrument Launches the Gestrument Pro App for iOS

Gestrument Pro is an app for iOS from the minds of contemporary-classical composer, Jesper Nordin and iOS developer, Jonatan Liljedahl. It’s an enhanced version of their original app from 2012, with more ways to perform and improvise every element of a production in real time.

Gestrument Pro is a gamechanging music making tool that unlocks new ways to perform, compose and produce music, all in real time.

The app was conceived by Nordin as a compositional tool (his original effort was a combination of a WACOM tablet and Max/MSP). After recruiting Liljedahl, the original Gestrument was released in 2012.

The Pro version maintains the core philosophy of interactive performance within a solid theoretical framework, while adding a host of new features.

The highlights include 16 instruments, a wide range of internal sounds plus the option to control synthesizers or other apps via MIDI, modular generators for producing rhythm and pitch, an advanced microtonal scale editor and more.

Visit the Gestrument website for more details.

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