Genki Instruments Unveils Wave – a MIDI Controller that Shapes Sounds by the Motion of Your Hand

By March 13, 2018News, Production

With three years of development already behind them, the team at Icelandic startup Genki Instruments have revealed the Wave MIDI controller via an Indiegogo campaign.

Wave is a MIDI controller that you wear. Genki Instruments have developed the MIDI “ring” to shape sounds, effects and send commands in a uniquely personal way.

Debuting last year at the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival, Wave has been tested by hundreds of musicians throughout its development.

The device connects to music software via bluetooth and has buttons to stop, play and record. It also promises to deliver intuitive controls for triggering samples, controlling the depth and breadth of effects in performance and adjusting synth parameters. Testing has included interaction with all major DAWs and a multitude of mobile music apps.

If you’re keen on incorporating the controller into a pre-existing modular setup, you can even pick up a companion eurorack receiver, the Wavefront.

For more info on Wave check out the Indiegogo campaign.

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