Fulltone Unveils the Ultimate OCD with the New CS-OCD-Ge Overdrive

By June 18, 2019Guitar, News, Pedals

Fans of Fulltone’s much cloned OCD circuit will know that there have been various versions of this stomper, but Fulltone founder Michael Fuller has described the newest, custom shop version as the “ultimate OCD”.

Meet the CS-OCD-Ge, set to be a limited, custom-shop run that has two MOSFETs, plus two germanium diodes. There have also been a few adjustments to the regular OCD circuit design to make it, in Fuller’s eyes, stand out above the rest.

Fulltone has unveiled what Michael Fuller has deemed “the perfect OCD”. It boasts two MOSFETs, two germanium diodes, and a sleek paint job, making it stand out above the rest.

While older OCDs made use of two MOSFETs and one germanium diode, this small run of pedals feature an extra germanium diode. These components, along with a few circuit tweaks, have contributed some tonal improvements. According to Fuller, the sound has “Great definition, more tube-like feel, a bit wider dynamic range, more sustain, and a more focused single-note tone.”

The CS-OCD-Ge has identical controls to the original OCD, featuring the same three-control layout – volume, drive, and tone – and a two-way frequency toggle. It also sports the same blue LED indicator as its predecessors.

The sleek Metallic teal finish with a chrome undercoat that “morphs between blues and greens depending on the light and angle” gives the OCD an updated look to pair with its improved features.

Fulltone is yet to state a price for the CS-OCD-Ge, but it’s expected to land sometime soon. In the meantime, you can try your luck at winning one of six of these overdrive stompboxes set to be given away on the 4th of July here.

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