Full Bucket Music Unleashes the ModulAir Free Soft Synth

Developer Full Bucket Music has released a beta version of the ModulAir soft synth. It has a fully modular architecture, with up to 64 voices of polyphony. It’s also free to download.

64 voices of polyphony for zero dollars – the ModulAir is a fully modular soft synth from the mind of Full Bucket Music. Download it now for free.

The main features of the synth (aside from its massive polyphony and modular architecture) include 31 different module types, with up to 18 modules per patch, MIDI learn (all parameters are able to be controlled via MIDI CC), micro-tuning file import and double precision audio processing.

It does come, however, with an important caveat from its creator, “ModulAir is a work in progress, unfinished, buggy, as of now with only a few quirky presets. Expect horrible things to happen. It is a clumsy unhandy complicated piece of software.” 

So we can all rest assured that the software will only get better!

For more info, head over to Full Bucket Music.

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