From Russia With Love: ZVEX Unveil The Russian Fuzz Factory 7

By August 24, 2018News, Pedals
ZVEX Fuzz Factory 7

The new ZVEX Russian Fuzz Factory 7 – it might look adorable, but don’t you dare call it cute. Always on the hunt for unique transistors, ZVEX has found a stash of ex-military Russian Germanium transistors. The result – thick, saturated, woolly fuzz, with all of the crazy customisation we have come to love in the Fuzz Factory setup on tap.

ZVEX Fuzz Factory 7

Don’t you dare call this kitty cute. ZVEX unearthed some ex-military Russian Germanium transistors to create the Russian Fuzz Factory 7.

Like the swift hand of the KGB, Russian GTVO8V transistors are brutal and ZVEX has paired two of these rare beauties for instantly available, responsive fuzz, bordering on distortion. Version seven benefits from a nine position rotary switch, each degree of the clock covering new sonic territories.

Don’t be fooled by the cute hand-painted kitty, this fuzz-box is capable of low-woofy frequences to squeaky dog-whistling highs. It also comes with a built-in passive tone control to roll off the high end if that’s your jam.

For more information check out ZVEX’s website.

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