From Fantasies to the Battlefield: Best Service’s Dark ERA

By August 1, 2019News, Production, Software
Dark era best service

This year’s summer NAMM had much to offer in terms of innovative software and plugins for music producers and gear heads alike. From the massive pile of new releases there was one dark gem that caught our eye.

Dark Era is a new virtual instrument and sample library from Best Service, designed by Eduardo Tarilonte. This multi-use audio library is capable of generating wild medieval sounds, from mysterious gut string plucks to the eerie tones of ancient overtone flutes.

Dark era best service

If you’re in need of epic sounds for your next cue, Dark Era has you covered. It’s a library packed with samples that conjure up medieval adventures.

The software itself contains more the 50 instrument presets with more than 20,000 individual samples and allows you to produce using rhythmic and atmospheric loops as well individual string, wind, vocal and percussion sounds. Dark ERA comes equipped with a built in mixer in for customising loops and a main hub of tonal control such as expression, colour, attack and release. 

All of the wind, string and many of the percussion sounds were recorded from individual instruments handmade by master instrument maker Benjamin Simao.

As a result each sound within the plugin comes with several recorded playing techniques, such as plucked and bowed options for strings, different articulations for wind instruments and true legato across the board, allowing you to inject that extra level of expression into your extraordinary gaming masterpiece. 

Head over to the Best Service website for more info.

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