Friedman Reveals the Mic-No-Mo Amp Cabinet Simulator

By May 14, 2019Guitar, News, Recording

Well, I guess it’s all in the title. The Mic-No-Mo from Friedman Amplification is an all analog guitar cab simulator. It sits in between amp and cab, doing all the miking for you.

Friedman has just announced the Mic-No-Mo Amp Cabinet simulator. It promises to save you time, and offer up a pallet of accurately miked guitar tones.

Essentially, the little box performs the same duty as a DI box. What it adds is a little more flexibility to studio or live workflow. It allows you to capture that character you love from your guitar amp, but blend it with the sound of Friedman’s simulated cabinet tones.

It has the potential to solve live sound issues like stage volume, spill and inconsistent miking. It could also be quite a handy tool for the project studio, which might not have ideal acoustic environment.

For more info, visit Friedman.

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