For Guitars on the Move: BOSS Unveil The World’s First Wireless Amplifier

By January 16, 2018Amps, News, Production, Recording
BOSS katana air

The battery-powered Katana-Air amplifier from BOSS, teamed up with a custom wireless transmitter, offers guitar players the jam without any cables.

BOSS katana airThe BOSS Katana-Air Guitar Amplifier offers up completely wireless jamming and an extensive pallet of effects and memories for instant recall.

The Katana-Air system allows for bluetooth streaming of audio from an iOS or Android smartphone and players will also be able to access extra editing options through the Boss Tone Studio App.

Charging the wireless transmitter is available through the docking station on the amp, which should be able to provide 12 hours of playing time per charge. The system operates in standby mode when idle and wakes up instantly when it senses motion.

Visit the BOSS website for more details.

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