First Audio Demos of Behringer’s RD-808 have Surfaced at Knobcon

By September 11, 2018News, Production, Recording, Synths

Behringer’s clone of  the Roland TR-808, the RD-808 has been creating a buzz ever since the first pictures of the prototype came to light last month. Thanks to a demo at Knobcon, we finally got to hear it.

The RD-808 is Behringer’s tribute to the most recognisable drum machine of all time. They’ve just demoed it at Knobcon, showing off the classic sounds and a few new features.

At the same time that they’ve sneakily shown off their version of the TR-909, Behringer have been demoing the RD-808 at Knobcon.

Behringer engineer, Jonathan Davies talks through a couple of the new features, including a filter and wave designer that you can assign individual drum sounds to.

And while Behringer still have some work to do on the software development, but the look and feel of the drum machine shouldn’t change too much, if it all, from the version in the video.

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