Fingerlab Unveils Mellowsound – the Lush, Free Mellotron App

By November 13, 2018News, Production, Software

Mellowsound – a new app from developers, Fingerlab, captures the luscious tones of the archetypal psychedelic keyboard, the Mellotron. It’s free to download, with in-app purchases available.

Everyone’s favourite psychedelic keyboard is back, in app form. Say hello to Mellowsound, the free to download app from Fingerlab.

The free, basic version includes three sounds: flute, clarinet and saxophone. It also features volume, tone and pitch controls, metronome and MIDI support.

The full version contains 14 sounds: vibraphone, electric guitar, strings and more. Some especially Mellotron friendly effects like tremolo, reverb and delay are also on offer, as well as the ability to record live.

Coming soon will be more instruments, more effects and ADSR envelope control.

Visit the app store for more details.

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