Finalizer Is The New Mastering App From TC Electronic

Finalizer Desk

Finalizer is the new app that will help you to become your own mastering engineer. TC electronic have introduced the all-in-one mastering app that puts the compression, limiter and EQ algorithms from their flagship System 6000 unit, into your computer.

The software takes inspiration from modern mastering websites as well as its outboard ancestor the, Finalizer 96k, combining ease of use with professional level quality.

Finalizer Desk

Experience the next generation of pro mastering with Finalizer. TC electronics’ new app demystifies the dark art of getting your tracks release ready.

The software itself runs on a single focused view. The innovative Spectro Lab overview features three different visual layouts. The unique Spectral Dynamic Contour shows you the dynamic and spectral characteristics of the entire track at a glance.

Similarly, the Real-Time Spectrum giving you precise spectral details for quick visualization of the peak analysis and moving average RMS analysis. Finally, the Average Spectral Curve compares your music to your personal reference tracks by showing you the average energy for each frequency band throughout the song.

Finalizer also pairs perfectly with TC’s new cloud-based mastering website Analyzer. A comparison tool allowing you to upload your tracks and analyze them with a range of visual tools and meters. Although, contrary to services like Landr, Analyzer does not manipulate audio in any way.

To see the full scope, visit the product page at TC Electronics.

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