Filter Sweeps, Dynamics and Crunch: Death By Audio Unleashes the Deep Animation

By March 13, 2018News, Pedals

New York pedal makers Death By Audio have turned their expert hand toward the field of envelope filtering with its new stompbox, the Deep Animation.

A pedal that dishes up a wild array of effects in response to the way you play: the Deep Animation by Death By Audio sweeps, crunches and squashes guitar tone.

Though the Deep Animation tends toward the “knobbier” end of the scale when it comes to effects pedals, there are a couple of controls that are central to how the filter behaves: the sensitivity control determines when the filter activates in respect to dynamic levels, and the intensity blends in the resonance, amount and grit of the filter.

Other controls include the frequency selector, which sets the frequency range of the filter, the up/down switch, which informs the direction of the filter sweep.

In addition to the multiple ways that the character of the pedal can be controlled, there is a trig input, meaning that percussive elements can be sent through the signal path and trigger the filter sweep.

The Deep Animation is available on the Death By Audio website.


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