Fierce and Flexible, Meet the New SolidGoldFX Spanish Castle Fuzz

By September 14, 2018Pedals
SolidGoldFX Spanish Castle

What’s better than one Fuzz? That’s right, two. Based on the highly acclaimed If 6 was 9 Fuzz, the SolidGoldFX Spanish Castle Fuzz offers two pedals in one. SolidGoldFX have stated that this pedal pays tribute to Dallas Arbiter’s designs from the late 1960s:

“1969 marks a turning point in the gear world… it was the year that Dallas-Arbiter switched Fuzz Face production from the lower-gain germanium transistor core to readily available higher-gain silicon devices. Our Spanish Castle pays tribute to this year.”

SolidGoldFX Spanish Castle

The new Solid Gold FX Spanish Castle Fuzz is the ultimate two-for-one deal, offering both super mouldable, smooth-round fuzz and roaring chainsaw madness.

Hand-built in Montreal, each side of the Spanish Castle Fuzz has its own purpose.

The Fuzz on the right side, labeled Fuzz A, is equipped with a warmer low-gain silicon transistor. This is more consistent with the character of pre-1969 germanium fuzzes, just with a little more stability. With a built-in bias switch and carbon-composition resisters, players can round out the smooth sound even more, bringing it closer to the original. SolidGoldFX states, “The original tenant of the Spanish Castle would have loved it.”

Fuzz B, on the left, is post-1969 and packs in higher-gain silicon transistors for a tighter voice, capable of a “buzzsaw-like grind”. It features metal film resistors and an extended bias range, to dial-in sputter-fuzz tones, all the way through to the tamer stuff.

In addition to each pedal’s ‘Fuzz’, ‘Bias’ and ‘Volume’ dials, the stompbox includes four three-way toggle switches to further shape tone. ‘Colour’ is a three-way switch that tweaks the mid-range and shaves treble. ‘Input’ changes gain and bass values to help the pedal adapt better with wah-wahs and other pedals, this is particularly handy, considering silicon fuzzes can often be temperamental in this department.

On top of all this, each side has an internal switch that changes between ‘Bold’ and ‘Comp’ modes. Bold increasing output and midrange, and Comp producing a softer, tighter more compressed tone. If you want full blown madness we dare you to stomp on both those buttons. For fuzz-face lovers, the SolidgoldFX Spanish Castle Fuzz is one of the most flexible and versatile pedals on the market, with its modern usability and vintage tone.

If you’d like more information about different fuzz history, types and circuits, check out our idiot’s guide to fuzz. For more on the Spanish Castle Fuzz take a look at the SolidGoldFX website.

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