Fidelice Brings the Sound of Neve to Your Living Room

neve fidelice digital to analog converter

It seems inconceivable, but if you haven’t had a background in audio, the name Neve might not ring any bells. So, if you haven’t heard of Rupert Neve – he’s kind of a big deal of a big deal in the studio world. This makes the announcement of the Fidelice series of hi-fi products all the more exciting.

This line of high quality playback devices includes a headphone amplifier, a phono preamp and a digital to analog converter. Now hi-fi aficionados can enjoy the studio-level quality of Neve audio products when listening to their favourite music. neve fidelice digital to analog converter

The Fidelice series of playback equipment is the latest from Rupert Neve Designs. It features a studio-grade headphone amp, phono preamp and digital to analog converter.

Hi-fi enthusiasts have long known the virtues of a dedicated headphone amp. Integrated headphone amps – the outputs you’d find in most devices, like a computer for instance, are typically low cost and low power. By contrast, the Precision headphone amplifier features calibrated inputs for a variety of sources, offering clean power and an accurate translation of dynamics and frequency information.

The Precision phono preamplifier is one for the vinyl addicts. Featuring discrete components that are in keeping with classic Neve mic preamps, this device is designed to coax the best possible performance out of your vinyl collection.

The Precision digital to analog converter is aimed at users who want to experience the highest possible fidelity from their digital music collection. This piece of equipment could also come in handy for the studio too, as it offers a variety of analog inputs and outputs and a dedicated headphone amp.

For more information on the Fidelice line, visit the website.

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