FG-Stress by Slate Digital Brings a Hardware Classic to Your DAW

By September 29, 2017News, Production, Software

The FG-Stress compressor plugin by Slate Digital gives DAW users access to the tonal quality of one of the most coveted pieces of studio hardware, the Empirical Labs Distressor.

The Empirical Labs Distressor has long been a studio favourite in the quest for compression. Slate Digital have brought it inside the box with the FG-Stress.

The FG-Stress features the same controls as the Distressor – including typical compressor controls like input, attack, release and output – though in a more screen friendly vertical format.

What makes the Distressor special however, is the ratio switching – the unique design of the unit means that with each different ratio, the character of the compressor totally changes. This is the type of versatility that Slate Digital claims to have replicated in the new plugin.

The emulation of the Distressor has been a long time in the making, and Slate have taken pains to accurately compare the hardware version and the FG-Stress.

For more info, visit Slate.

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