Fender Unveils the Player Series of Electric Guitars and Basses

Fender Players

Fender has announced a new line of 21 guitars and basses called the Player Series, which will replace the Standard Series, adding updates for a new generation.
Fender Players

For so long the standard in electric guitars, Fender has once again raised the bar. Meet the Player Series – 21 fresh takes on their iconic models with key updates.

Some of the revisions include alnico pickups and satin-finished maple necks across the board, with a few new finishes to complete the look.

The new colours include polar white, tidepool, sage green, sonic red and buttercream.

The guitars include Telecasters in the familiar single coil formation or with twin humbuckers. Stratocasters come with a few different pickup configurations, including humbucker and single coil combos, as well a Floyd Rose model. Jazzmasters and Jaguars also find their way into the new collection.

On the bass side, Jaguars, P-basses and J-basses are on offer, with the latter coming in five string and fretless modes too.

For more on the new Player Series, visit Fender.


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