Fender Unveils the Limited Edition Whiteguard Strat

The Whiteguard Strat is latest in the Fender’s Parallel Universe line of electric guitars. It blends the two of the true heavyweights of Fender – the Strat and Tele.

The Whiteguard Strat from Fender’s Parallel Universe range of electric guitars combines the playing feel and tone of a Tele, with the classic look of a Strat.

The new axe is designed give players the twang and bite of a Tele, with the sleek ergonomics of a Strat.

It features a resonant ash body, a tonewood that Fender claims to possess, “clearly chiming highs, well-defined midrange and strong low end.

It sports a modern 9.5″ radius maple fingerboard, with narrow, tall frets, a bone nut – an authentic original-era Fender design element and an American Professional Tele bridge, ensuring reliably accurate intonation.

The Custom Shop ’51 Nocaster pickups give this unique Strat the authentic sound of a Tele.

For more details on the guitar, visit the Fender website.

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