Fender Launches the Offset-Body Meteora Into the Parrallel Universe Series

By November 12, 2018Guitars, News

Yesterday Fender released what is perhaps the most extreme guitar in their already pretty out-there Parallel Universe Series. The all new body design is dubbed the Fender Meteora and is the brainchild of designer Josh Hurst. The Meteora uses recycled Fender parts and has a whiff of familiarity, while also looking completely different – the perfect embodiment of the Parallel Universe Series.


With an all new body as well as familiar recycled components, the Fender Meteora is the embodiment of the Parallel Universe Series.

The guitar is a strange mix of old and new, with an old-school single coil pickup setup, set into a futuristic body that Hurst says is an “evolution of the Fender shape.”  The Meteora’s offset body is built from ash, with a lacquered finish, while the maple neck comes from an American Professional Jazzmaster, featuring 22 narrow-tall frets and a 9.5 inch radius fretboard.

Fender’s new Axe uses Telecaster pickups, specifically a Custom Shop vintage-style Tele bridge pickup and a Custom Shop Twisted Tele in the neck. Another unique addition is the black block inlays, which harks back to a vintage era.

In the launch video below, Fender designer Josh Hurst describes his approach to his freakishly innovative design. For more information check out Fender’s website.

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