Fender Launches the Nine Strong American Performer Series

By December 4, 2018Guitars, News

The American Performer series from Fender dishes up nine new guitars and basses. They also represent Fender USA’s most affordable instruments and feature all new pickups, electronics and finishes.

The American Performer series is a massive new arsenal of guitars and basses from Fender. They boast innovative pickups and electronics, as well as a host of new finishes.

The new pickups include Yosemite single coils and DoubleTap humbuckers, which can split coils without losing volume. On a number of the new guitars, you’ll also find push-pull pots for unusual pickup blending.

There’s also touches of the traditional with 70s style silver logos and oversized headstocks and ClassicGear vintage style tuning machines.

The Greasebucket tone system is used across the range, which allows you to maintain treble when you turn down the volume knob. The Stratocasters and offset models also feature tremolo systems.

Head over to the Fender website for more information.

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