Fender Launches the Jaguar Strat into the Parallel Universe Series

By October 8, 2018Guitars, News
fender jag strat

Fender’s Parallel Universe series guitars are a bunch of weird mix-ups that should have only existed in another dimension – until now. The 2018 Limited Edition Jaguar Strat is a Stratocaster with Jaguar clothes on. It’s a strange looking axe, but we think it looks pretty cool.

fender jag strat

The new Fender Jaguar Strat is the latest mutant in the Parallel Universe series, perfect if you want something no one else has.

The new fit-out is probably not going to be popular with purists, but for someone who wants something a bit different, look no further. The Jaguar Strat joins the lineup with other mutants such as the likes of the Jazz-Tele and the very naughty Troublemaker Tele.

The guitar’s 22-fret neck has a length of 25.5 inches, which is more than a standard Jag’s usual 24 inches, closer to a standard Strat. The three pickups are Fender’s ‘Pure Vintage’ ’65 Single-Coil Jaguar pickups, with switching geared similar to a standard Jag, as is the classic bridge with floating tremolo.

The neck’s radius is 9.5 inches, with a ‘Deep C’ shape. The Jaguar Strat is only available in a shiny red nitrocellulose finish with a rosewood fingerboard.

For more information check out the Fender product page. Check it out in action below.

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