Fender Have Jumped Back into the Pedal Market with a New Range of Six Effects

By January 30, 2018Features, Guitar, News, Recording

Over the weekend at NAMM, Fender took the opportunity to announce a new line of six sleek and colourful stompboxes: Marine Layer Reverb, The Bends Compressor, Mirror Image Delay, Santa Ana Overdrive, Pugilist Distortion and Level Set Buffer.

With clean lines and meticulously crafted tone, the new swag of Fender pedals offers up a wide spectrum of ambient, dynamic and harmonic signal shaping power.

The Marine Layer Reverb offers three different modes (hall, room and special) to suit different player’s taste in ambience. As does the Mirror Image Delay, offering up analog, digital and tape delay flavours, with the option to switch to a dotted eight-note rhythm.

For harmonic saturation there is the Pugilist Distortion, which contains two gain stages that can be controlled discretely, or stacked, with a blend option. The bass boost is also a welcome addition, giving the player the option to keep their tone grounded and beefy.

The Santa Ana Overdrive is a more subtle option, which ranges from a bluesy boost to a thick crunch. It also has a three-band EQ for extra tonal sculpting.

The Bends Compressor can squash the dynamics for the up-front and present rhythm parts, and the Level Set Buffer lets the player keep a consistent voltage across their pedal chain and includes a mute and a high frequency filter.

Check out a demo of the new pedals from this year’s NAMM.


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