Fender Announce a Slew of Updates to the Hot Rod Series of Amps

By January 24, 2018Amps, News
Fender Hot Rod IV

Fender’s ubiquitous Hot Rod series of amps is getting an update. Lauded for their affordability, accessibility, and versatility, the amps are a mainstay in modern rock, found everywhere from small clubs to festival main stages around the world. Now Fender have addressed a few flaws in both the Hot Rod DeVille 212 and Hot Rod Deluxe to offer the most refined versions of the amps yet.

Fender Hot Rod IV

Fender’s classic Hot Rod series of entry-level amps has been given makeover, packing in a slew of new features including updated preamps circuits, reverb and aesthetics.

The first thing Fender addressed was the overdrive channels found in both Hot Rods. Since the series was released in 1995 (Deluxe) and 1996 (DeVille), players have noted that the gain on the amps lacked clarity and definition.

“The modified preamp circuitry improves overdriven note definition, so you’ll have sonic clarity no matter how hard you push this amp,” guitarist Arun Bali says in a promo video for the amps (see below).

The video also identifies a few other updates. The Fender spring reverb found in both amps has been modified to be less harsh and less brittle. They also also feature a Celestion A-Type speaker in favour of the G12P-80 founding the Hot Rod III series. The black knobs have been switched-out for ivory-colored ones. The cabinet is a lightweight pine, and the classic silver Fender grille cloth has been aged slightly for a more vintage vibe.

It looks like the bigger 4 x 10 version of the DeVille has not been included in the update though.

Fender have also announced updates to the Pro Junior and Blues Junior, with updates to speakers, cabinet material, aesthetics and more. Check out the new amps on the Fender website.

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