Fender and Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien Collaborate on a New Stratocaster

By November 15, 2017Guitar, News

Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien and Fender have teamed up to deliver the EOB Sustainer Stratocaster.

Need a Strat that has sustain for days? Check out the EOB Sustainer Stratocaster which was created by Fender and Ed O’Brien of Radiohead fame.

At first glance, the guitar looks like a classic strat, but with a broad palette of tones from Seymour Duncan humbucker on the bridge, Texas Special single coil in the middle and a Fernandes Sustainer on the neck.

Like an Ebow, the Sustainer pickup can effectively sustain notes as long as you like. It also has a switch to sustain either the fundamental or excite the harmonics of the notes you’re fretting.

Combined with other sound-sculpting features like the six-saddle vintage style synchronised tremolo bridge, this guitar is just the thing for pulling the warped tones that O’Brien himself has made famous.

Via Guitar World.


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